What's The Play

Find local parties and events while connecting with the people around you.

Revolutionizing the way you find fun

Introducing the newest way to stay connected and create memories.

The What’s the Play app allows you to stay up-to-date with all the latest events in your area.

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Instantly find parties and events happening around you.


Quickly promote your event to thousands in your area.


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Party with New Friends

Throw or attend events, make friends, and party! The What’s the Play app connects people together in a fun atmosphere allowing you to meet new people, experience unique moments, and more.

  • Discover new friends around you
  • Promote your own parties/events
  • Become a verified party promoter/influencer
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"What's the play?"

Plans typically involving activities for fun or recreation.

also known as



Easy Listings

Anyone can list and find a party or event on WTP.

Verified Parties

Verified parties are hosted by trusted promoters that abide by WTP regulations.

Instant Messaging

Direct message party promoters and fellow party-goers or engage in the comments under a party listing.